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Wouldn't let anyone else work on my Dog great price, timely, and professional.

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Thank you VERY much for the picture and all of the incredibly insightful information on my dogs. What I have truly learned the most is how to change MY actions with my dogs and how to positively guide them in situations versus scolding them for unwanted behavior. I have seen vast improvements in both dogs and I have learned how to actively work with each dog on their strengths and weaknesses.

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Cynthia and I wish to thank you for the help you gave us with “Max”. Max is a Chow, Chinese Shar-Pei and Coyote mix, which resulted in a difficult dog to socialize. Max got along and played well with his sisters and brother and considered them and Cynthia and I as his pack. The problem was, as you discovered, that he wanted to snarl, growl and fight with all dogs outside of his pack. You taught us how to convince Max that Cynthia and I are the pack leaders and as pack leaders have the authority to decide who is part of the pack (friend) and who is not part of the pack Thanks again for training us to train our dog Max.

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I was very impressed from day one.  When Fernando entered my home my two dogs, Susie and Murphy, immediately became calm and attentive.  Having the training at my home allowed her to evaluate each dog in a comfortable environment and focus on their individual needs.  In just 5 hours of instruction, and of course practice in between, my dogs learned basic and important commands such as sit, down, off, stay and come.   We had a training session at an outdoor restaurant to teach my dogs to sit quietly in a social setting.  I now have the knowledge and can be more effective when conducting additional training.  It is much easier and fun for me to teach my dogs desirable behaviors.   Now, my dogs are not only adorable, they are well behaved.  Fernando is a joy to work with and I recommend him highly.  He truly is a “Dog Whisperer.” 

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Fernando has changed our life. He got both Jolly and I on the right track within a few minutes of the first training session. If you are looking for an experienced trainer that will understand the overall picture for you and your canine friend Fernando is it. Jolly has learned, sit, stay, down, come, how to run on the treadmill and is currently working on rollover and shake. The amazing thing is that he is only 9 months old. We couldn't learned on all of these commands on our own, especially in such a short period of time. Fernando is an excellent trainer.

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We really enjoyed working with Fernando. He set a good foundation for working through our dogs' separation anxiety. He worked with both of them when we were at work and gave us strategies to work on at home by ourselves.
I was most impressed with his follow through and how much time she spent answering our questions even after our sessions were done. I'm pretty sure I asked a crazy amount of questions and he always gave me very thoughtful and helpful answers. The cost of the training sessions is well worth the investment in your dogs happiness and your sanity.

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Fernando knows his stuff, lots of experience and knowledge with dogs!

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